Login to Digi with Haka

If you belong to one of the pilot universities/or their faculties then via login via Haka you can have access to the to the digitized materials until end of year 2010. This special agreement done by Kopiosto, National Library and Ministry of Education is valid until the end of the 2019.

You do not need to install anything, just go to address https://digi.kansalliskirjasto.fi via your browser.

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Fig: Digi main page, login button at top right corner

step 2. Click 'Login' from top right and select Haka for login method in the popup.

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Fig: Digi login options, choose Haka.

step 3. A list of universities is shown. Pick your university and click Select.

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Fig: From the list select your university.

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Fig: University selected, click 'Select'

step 4. In the login window of your university, give your username and password and click 'Login'.

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Fig: Give your username and password and click login

step 5. You'll see browser to think a bit and then return to digi. You'll see your name on top right.

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Fig: After login, you will see your name on top right.

You can now access all materials unti end of year 2010. In the search of newspapers should show also newer materials:

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Fig: Search page in condensed view with list of newspapers.

When done, you can logout from the top right, by clicking the small arrow next to your name and click 'Log off'.

Full demo of login process with Haka

Troubleshooting and tips

If you are not seeing the materials from 2010 in the search, ensure that you belong to one of the pilot universities/or their faculties . If that is ok, then please send information about your username, approxmiate time when you tried and what is the latest material you see in the search page to the contact address.

List of titles

The list of titles shows which materials have been digitized and available. The available titles have a green lock next to their name.

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Fig: Listing of different titles.

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