Introduction (Digi) is the search- and presentation system for the digitized newspapers, journals, and ephemera (technical) of National Library of Finland.

This document gives some hints how to utilize Digi effectively in your research work.

One of first ways to try out Digi is to utilize its search functions. You can do free text search or target the search to certain title, time period, publisher, publishing place or any combination of provided search fields. You can find the search under each material type.

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Fig: Search fields of the

Just enter the search words and all the hits are visible in the list below the search fields.

Downloadable Export Packages

The open data page of contains the downloadable export packages of all of the newspaper and journal pages until the year 1917. The pages have been divided by decades in order to keep package sizes at around 20 gigabytes.

You can download all of the packages and the download requires just filling in a short survey about your usage beforehand. The answers are used for statistical purposes.

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Fig: An example of download of a data export package

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